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Malacca’s Largest Bird Park in Asia

AYER KEROH – the largest bird park in Malacca Asia would cost $ 16 million into the establishment of new products attractions in the state to be fully operational this 1 April 2013 .Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the park is built on a land area of ​​1.8 hectares in Ayer Keroh Botanical Garden accommodates 400 birds of various species and is expected to add 400 pieces from time to time .Placed between including parrots and other houses Serama 300 12,000 tilapia are also many species of trees planted around the park .” Botanical Garden has a tropical forest types suitable to accommodate a variety of bird species including the Asian region . Among herons pitcher , love birds , rhinoceros hornbill , pekicau parrot , yellow crested cockatoos and birds of the stork .” The landscape along the river boardwalk construction will come to a path that connects the bird park site along the river alignment with the lighting system equipment .” Four endowment will be built along the boardwalk apart to plant ornamental plants and upgrading of walkways adjacent to the boardwalk , ” he said after opening Melaka Bird Park Botanical Garden on Wednesday.He said the bird park is among one of the products developed in the second phase of development of the Botanical Garden are also upgrading chalets, lookout tower and the entire landscape .

 Pictures Largest Bird Park Project (Bird Park Melaka) in Melaka ….

Current picture Datuk Ali Rustam to visit the Project Site’s Largest Bird Park (Bird Park Melaka) in Melaka …….
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